Bank Account Opening in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a stable financial market. The level of banking security is very high at this place, which makes it a favourite destination for corporate banking. For anyone who is planning to set up a business in Dubai, opening a bank account is a vital step for handling all financial transactions efficiently. Lloyds Consultants Dubai can assist you at every step of the account opening process and save your valuable time dealing with all paperwork.

What services do we offer?
  • Complete guidance for opening a bank account at reliable and trusted banks across the UAE.
  • Liaising with the bank on your behalf.
  • Setting up an appointment with the bank representative.
Documents required for opening a corporate bank account
  • Original company incorporation documents (COI, MOA, License, etc.)
  • Emirates IDs and residence visa copies of shareholders and signatories
  • Passport copies of shareholders and authorized signatories
  • 6 months of personal bank statements
  • Proof of residence
  • Board Resolution enabling a company officer for opening the account
Benefits Of Having ACorporate BankAccount In The UAE
  • Easy international access
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Zero taxation
  • Easy transfer of funds
  • Flexible investment period
  • Non-restrictive banking options
  • Asset management
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Phone and online banking
  • Lloyds Consultants Dubai assist you in opening a corporate bank account in the below-mentioned jurisdictions in the UAE:
  • Mainland
  • Free Zone
  • Offshore
  • Contact us today to know more.
Personal Bank Account

A personal bank account is an individual account that is mainly used for personal use. Many banks in Dubai allow non-residents to only open a Savings Account and not a Current Account. As a result, non-residents are unable to obtain a chequebook, a debit card will be issued to non-residents for money withdrawal. There are two different types of personal bank accounts in Dubai such as:

  • Bank Account for Residents
  • Bank Account for Non-Residents
  • Documents Required for Opening A Personal Bank Account
  • Complete Profile or Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • A copy of a passport having a UAE entry page
  • Original personal bank statement from the country of origin or anywhere across the globe (conditions may vary from bank to bank)
  • Latest utility bill
  • An original banking reference whether of the company or personal account from applicant’s country of origin or any part of the world
  • A minimum bank balance (varies according to banks)
  • Are you planning to open a personal bank account in Dubai? Worry no more about the paperwork, we help you get through the entire process involved. Contact us right away to know more!