Real Estate Consultation Services

Real Estate Consultation Services

Investing in property in the UAE is a lucrative experience for both new and experienced investors. The UAE property market is booming with real estate investment offering lucrative results. Many of the emirates have permitted both international and domestic investors to purchase freehold property in dedicated free zones. With proper research and understanding, investment in property in these regions can yield high returns. In order to be successful in the real estate market, it is necessary to invest strategically. Lloyds Consultants Dubai offers real estate consultation services for effectively evaluating properties and investments across the UAE.

Our Consulting team possessing an in-depth understanding of real estate market opportunities, requirements and trends, offer innovative solutions for clients. We help our clients make informed investment decisions by giving them unbiased opinions on whether a real estate investment or transaction is worthy or not. We ask every buyer about their specific goals and motivations for helping them choose a property that fits their needs. Once a specific property is chosen, our consultant would help the client analyse whether it is a tactful financial decision to buy it after considering the financial stability and risk aversion. We strive hard to collect as many details as possible before the client makes a decision to avoid further problems in the future. Our team makes sure every infrastructure follows the specifications decided by the government.

For detailed guidance and to discuss whether investing in the UAE is the right choice for you, contact us today and speak to our expert real estate advisors.

Mortgage Advisory Services in Dubai

A mortgage is a step by which you can purchase an asset without putting your whole savings into that asset. Lloyds Consultants Dubai offers mortgage advisory services for those who are in need and address their concerns. We have a team of mortgage experts who have an in-depth understanding of what needs to be done, when it comes to handling the various mortgage related issues. As we are working closely with banks and developers, we can support our clients with expert opinions right from the beginning of a transaction. Our team provides the best suited option for your requirement from a variety of options available in the market. When you are a UAE resident, you are entitled to receive financing for up to 75% of the property value, depending on the income eligibility. We have mortgage solutions for non-residents as well, - up to 50% financing is achievable.

We offer the following services:

  • Mortgage on new property / Off-plan
  • Mortgage on previously owned property
  • Re-Mortgage